genesis feed technologies

Our ultimate goal at Genesis Feed Technologies is to redefine ingredient trade centered around nutritional value. It’s a world where farmers growing high-quality crops will receive premiums for that quality. Plant genetics and research will push the envelope on what is possible for commodity production. Traders and buyers will make transactions based on nutritional value. Animal nutritionists and feed producers will make informed buying decisions. The supply chain will be more efficient, using less ingredients with greater results. The GFT platform will connect them to streamline it all. 

Someday, a farmer will be sitting in the combine harvesting grain. A message will pop up with an offer to purchase the crop currently being harvested. A buyer has been alerted that the grain has a high nutritional content, and is ready to offer the farmer a premium for it. Before the crop even leaves the field, the farmer accepts the offer and sells the grain to the buyer.

GFT is redefining how the market values and trades ingredients like the soybeans grown in this field. We work with buyers in more than 17 countries around the world to educate them about the economic value of ingredient nutrients, so they can save money.