AgLaunch is revolutionizing the way that innovations in agriculture and food are brought to market by bridging the present and future to grow a more diverse and sustainable farm economy and provide healthy food for all. AgLaunch leverages its distributed network of farm incubators, entrepreneurial farmers, aligned capital partners, research consortia, technical consulting, and best-in-class accelerator programming to effectively challenge the status quo and thoughtfully create value for farmers and the communities they serve. The AgLaunch vision is a transformed regional agriculture and food economy centered around farmers, innovation, and prosperity.

Data Interoperability remains a massive challenge in agtech, and while this problem is technically solvable, conflicting incentives throughout the supply chain and within the agtech ecosystem make it difficult for a private technology company to effectively integrate systems across many farms. The solution, as is often the case in agriculture, is farmers working together. AgLaunch has developed a Data Commons owned by the AgLaunch Farmer Network that enables farmers to securely aggregate, store, and share data from and with multiple technology providers.

The only way to ensure that the various tools and technologies in agtech can work together is to put the farmer at the center of the system. In ensuring that farmers have control over their data, we are creating an opportunity to actually unlock real value through cooperative efforts that handle farm data to the benefit of farmers in the same way that today’s coops process and market commodities.