VeriGrain™ is an automated grain sampling and data management system that solves a substantial problem in the food chain which results in grains being undervalued, under-utilized, and untraceable. The problem stems from inaccurate sampling and the absence of related digital information at the farm.

VeriGrain™ obtains a statistically accurate, representative grain sample from grain flowing in or out of a bin, which it digitizes in real-time and sends the related information to the cloud. The samples are stored in bar-coded environmental and tamper-resistant containers. This digital twin of what’s in the bin is secure and can be readily accessed, augmented and shared.

VeriGrain™ provides grain information transparency, traceability, and trust for everyone in the food chain. 

The VeriGrain app tracks grain as it sampled when loaded into or out of storage and streamlines interaction with analytics labs and grain buyers.