Agri-supply chains are under pressure to be more sustainable, efficient and secure. At the same time, farmers don’t have access to the finance they need to meet these challenges. Geora provides a solution to data fragmentation and a lack of trust across global agri-supply chains, with easy and affordable digital tools to validate supply chain claims and lend to farmers. 

Geora is a blockchain platform built for agriculture, with an API and application layer offering all agri-supply chain participants access to the best of emerging technology. Through a single online platform, Geora’s standard workflows allow traders and agribusinesses to integrate data, value agricultural produce and finance farmers.

Since 2015 the Geora team has been leading the junction of blockchain and agriculture. Geora is commodity and geography agnostic with customers globally using our digital toolkit to offer solutions to farmers across all kinds of agri-supply chains. The Geora platform is available at

“Farmers work hard and so should their data, Geora gives life to your digital supply chain with simple and secure tools to track and finance agri-food supply chains.”